Orginal Herrnhuter Sterne

Original Herrnhut Advent and Christmas Stars

"Advent, Advent a light is shining..."

During the Advent and Christmas season Herrnhut Stars decorate many apartments, churches and squares.

For over 160 years, Herrnhut Stars have been handmade in different sizes and colours. Each star 25 points - 17 four-sided and 8 three-sided. 


Alongside traditional paper stars for indoor use, there are also weatherproof plastic stars ideally suited for outdoor use.  


Useing the  traditional Christmas colours of red, yellow and white and also their combinations in each product range, providing a wide variety of stars for every decorative need.


Larger stars with a diameter between 40cm and 80cm are particularly suitable for decorating living rooms, conservatories or pergolas, whereas the smallest stars, with a diameter of 13cm, are impressive when hung alone or in a row. 


Individual stars look beautiful decorating bowls, seasonal table arrangements and windows, whilst chain of 10 small stars can be used as a garland or to decorate a Christmas tree.

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