Herrnhuter® Kleisterpapier

Handcraft & Tradition

At an early stage, the Moravian Church was characterized by versatile inventions in the craftsmanship - including the production of special papers.
Since 1764 the Herrnhuter book covers, cans and boxes  have been decorated with a special kind of these papers - processed by means of paste technique.


The Herrnhuter® Kleisterpapier takes up this tradtional technique.

Special Edition 2020

paper star I6 mint


Each Star is Unique

Quietness and concentration fill the room. A fresh scent of paper floats through the air. Slowly, colour flows into the liquid paste.
Once the perfect colour nuance has been found, the paper points receive their delicate coloured coating.
Sensitively every single point is hand-decorated with patterns and then rests for drying.

appx. 100 points are painted by hand every day


With a skillful hand the >>Spitzeldreher<< processes the dried and pressed points into a cone - then the individual pieces rest again for drying.

 appx. 150 points process one >>Spitzeldreher<< per day


The >>Rähmchenkleber<< give the points the right shape. Perfectly matched to each other, they work together on completion. Punched out cardboard frames receive a fine glue coating and allow the paper cones to take on their square- and triangular shape.

appx. 150 points process one >>Rähmchenkleber<< per day

The Points rest again in order to pass the quality control. With an attentive eye, point by point, will be checked one last time before each star is individually packed and given a number.


In this way, a limited small series with an edition of only 500 pieces is created in elaborate manual work.