Herrnhuter Sterne in a different way

Christmas is not the only time when Herrnhuter Sterne can be integrated into house and garden decorations. With their simple form and fresh colours, they can be used to design an enchanting arrangement for any occasion. Here you can get a few ideas for your home.

Decoration with 2 A1e yellow
Decoration with 1 A1e yellow
Decoration with 3 A1e blue
Decoration with 3 A1e red
Decoration with A1e blue white weiß
Decoration with A1e blue
Decoration with A1e yellow
Decoration with A1e white
Floral arrangement with A1e white green and green/white
Floral arrangement with A1s green
Floral arrangement with A1s yellow
Stairway with blue and white stars
Lantern with A1e yellow

Herrnhuter Sterne all year round


A colourful ensemble suits every season. Various Herrnhuter Sterne designs can adorn your home in the warm season, as well, and put a special bit of colour into your ambience. Combined with floral arrangements or as an accent in a flower pot, they are always lovely to look at. You can give your imagination free rein. Beautify your home with the wide variety of Herrnhuter Sterne.

Decoration with A1e yellow-red and yellowot und gelb
Decoration with A1e white
Decoration with A1e white-red and white
Decoration with A1s white and 18 white-red
Decoration with A4 yellow
Decoration with A7 yellow
Floral arrangement with A1e white

Herrnhuter Sterne at Christmastime


Christmastime lends itself to many different ideas for lovely decorations to create a sense of well-being. With Herrnhuter Sterne, you can make your very own Christmas dream come true. Festive lighting and a unique form will make your Christmas celebration one of a kind. Let yourself be enchanted by the warm colours and the tranquillity given off by Herrnhuter Sterne.

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